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5th Prairie Dog Classic Pattern Contest
August 19. 2017

The 5th Prairie Dog Classic was a resounding success. We had a low number pilots turn out for the event, just 6. There are a number of reasons for the low turnout, it s a VERY busy time of year. Some people had to work, some got sick, some could not travel etc.  I heard many times, “Thank you for having the contest”.

We were able to fly 5 rounds of the contest in one day on Saturday. We had nearly perfect weather as well. There was enough of a breeze that it was not blazing hot and it was challenging for the pilots, but not enough wind to make conditions really bad. We had blue skies with big fluffy clouds dancing their way across the sky.

A very special thanks to some non members that came out to help and did a bit of judging for the contest:

MR. Rob Kelly
Dan Underkofler

Thank you to all the MAS member volunteers that came out to help! The pattern contest, especially one this small, pretty much runs itself and does not need a lot of people to support it. We had a VERY nice turnout of MAS members, but unfortunately, there was not a lot for them to do once we got set up and rolling.

Thank You to:
Lee Overholt
Bob Salmon
Herb Verona
Bob Steinberg
Bob Schultz
Rob Schultz
Jeff Griego
Chris Murray
Larry Litsey
Jake Martinez

Terri Ott
Connie Kerr

And a huge thanks to Larry Ott! Without Larry this contest would not have come off. He also pitched and did judging when necessary!

The club made a little money, and the pilots that came had a great time. I call that a successful day. No airplanes were hurt or lost in the making of this contest.

Again thanks to all!


The Group






Lamar Steen Commemorative IMAC Challenge 2016 Photos

Another year of the Lamar Steen IMAC Challenge took place  July 9th and 10th, at MAS Airfield.  There was a descent showing of pilots to compete in Basic, Sportsman, Advanced, and Unlimited classes.  Three rounds were flown Saturday, with an additional two on Sunday.

As you can see, the weather was great, albeit hot, with not too much wind.  Thanks to all the club volunteers who helped make it possible, and to George Kerr and Larry Ott for their organizing and running the event!  See you next year!


Bethesda Lutheran Communities Day 2016

The second annual day at the field with The Bethesda Lutheran Communites for Disadvantaged Adults occurred on June 21st.  It turned out to be a very hot day, but everyone made the best of it and seemed enjoyed the experience!  Many took turns flying aircraft and others watched all the airplanes that were brought out and flown.

Lunch and refreshments were provided by the club, adding to the enjoyment of the day.

During the lunch break Steve Graham did an amazing Freestyle Heli Demo (what skills!),  and Mike Feitinger demoed his Weeks Solution biplane, replete with smoke.  A good time was had by all the visitors and are sure to be back again!  A huge thanks to George Kerr for Chairing the event and organizing it.  Also many thanks to all who volunteered and assisted to make this event happen!  This is an excellent community outreach for the club, and a minimal amount of your club dollars are going to excellent use here!

Bethesda Ministries supports more than 2000 people with developmental disabilities throughout the United States. To learn more about Bethesda visit us at or call 303-795-2061.

Serving the Northeast Denver Area the Miniature Aero Sportsters (MAS) flying site sits on 48 acres with a 500 foot paved runway. The club is open to all who have a current AMA membership. MAS consist of a group of individuals with a common interest in radio control aircraft. – See more at:

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Father and Son build Complete!

Hey all! My son Dylan and I are excited to share our winter build project we recently completed.  I wanted to share with my son the experience of actually building a kit, versus an ARF.  Indeed, I did end up doing a majority of the project myself ( it’s the age of instant gratification ya know), but Dylan still has enough ownership in the airplane to give a hoot.

Our project plane is the Great Planes Piper Cub, .40 size.  I figured the cub was a great classic trainer to be his first gasser, and he tends to like scale airplanes the most.  We have powered it with an ASP .61FSR 4 stroke, added some scale goodies like Robart main gear, and control it with a Futaba 6J system and a Hitec XG3XA, 3-axis stabilizer to smooth it out. By the way, I highly recommend the Hitec Gyro!  It’s only $30 and works really well, especially in foamies!

Covering is 21st Century Fabric, pre painted in Cub Yellow.

If you care to see more of the project, I wrote a thread on RC Universe for the whole project : Forum Link

We have flown the plane, and so far it flies really well!  Even Dylan has some time on the sticks and he loves it!

Here are some pictures of the completed Cub, Dylan took all of the inflight photos, he’s getting pretty good at those! :

image image image image image image image image