Airplane For Sale!! $200, Super Deal!!

I am needing to “Marie Kondo” my RC stuff that I have left! Here’s the deal of the Century:

Hangar 9 33% Cap 232 (THIS Cap flies AWESOME!)

ARF Plane (that you CANNOT get anymore) 97″ Wingspan for a 60cc+ size engine. Covering has been coming off/damaged from airframe. I started to recover with a new color scheme.


-ALL hardware for Futaba setup (a $300 extra expense),

-$80 tailwheel assembly,

-Roto-Flow fuel tank ($45) and Quik Fire Fuel Pump ($25)

-Dubro LARGE wheels

-optional instrument panel ($25) and Pilot ($50)

-All Monocote Covering for recovering including auto paint for cowl/wheelpants ($100 for that)

I have about $800 into all this…MY LOSS!

Everything for $200! 720-839-3320 Email:

MAS Web Updates

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Flashback: Starting a New Member

I happened to be browsing through the back pages of our website when I ran across a photo of someone special, in a special moment.  You see, it was my son in the photo.  It happened to be taken on Kids day back in 2014.  Bob Salmon was kindly giving introductory flights to the many kids that day.  It seemed like it was a hit back then.

But I was not there that day.  I wasn’t even a member yet.  But there was my son, plain as day taking his turn flying Bob’s plane.  Apparently he visited with a friend of his and their family after seeing the booth at the Adams County Fair.  They decided to check it out, seemed like fun right?  Well that started something for my son.


Fast forward a few years, my son and I decide to get into RC together.  I had previously been a member years ago, back in the early 90’s.  Soon my son was a member of the club, flying all on his own too.  Still does on occasion, even though he’s a teenager now.

Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?