NOTAM/TFR Issued – Denver 5/23

Please observe the NOTAM/TFR below for 5/23, 1:30pm to 5:00pm local time.  During this time flying at the MAS airfield is strictly prohibited.


A new FDC NOTAM/TFR has been issued for the greater Denver, CO metropolitan area for Wednesday, 5/23 from 1:30p until 5:00p MDT. The TFR is issued for security purposes to cover VIP movement in this area. Outdoor Radio Controlled model aircraft operations are prohibited within the 32nm circle for the specific times listed below. Control Line and Free Flight modelers should use discretion and follow the directions of local law enforcement and government officials when operating within the 8 and 10nm inner circles. Please note that TFRs are subject to change with very short notice. Check back often for the most current NOTAM/TFR information.

Timely alerts are also available on the web at: www#modelaircraft#org/membership/clubs/notams#aspx or on your cell phone at: Twitter#com/amagov#

See the link to the TFR below for more detailed information regarding the restrictions:

  • Area 1 (5/23, 1:30p – 5:00p      MDT)
    (32nm radius from Latitude: 39º42’39”N, Longitude: 104º54’10″W)
  • Area 2 (5/23, 1:30p – 2:30p      MDT)
    (8nm radius from Latitude: 39º42’14”N, Longitude: 104º45’45″W)
  • Area 3 (5/23, 2:00p – 4:45p      MDT)
    (10nm radius from Latitude: 39º44’12”N, Longitude: 105º00’14″W)
  • Area 4 (5/23, 4:00p – 5:00p      MDT)
    (8nm radius from Latitude: 39º42’14”N, Longitude: 104º45’45″W)

TFR – 2/2931

Map View of the Affected Area


Government Relations Support Team

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