2013 Kids Day Pics

Kid’s Day was a huge success with 102 “kids” taking a turn at flying an RC aircraft. Thanks to all the flight instructors and club members that helped make this event possible.  And thanks to all the “kids” that came out to fly.


Learning the basics of flight

Ground School Ground school 5 Ground School2 Ground School3


The instructors

Trainer 1 Trainer 2 Trainer 3 Trainer 4 Trainer 5 Kids32 Kids33


Look at me, I’m flying!

Kids36 Kids35 Kids34 Kids37 Kids33 Kids32 Kids31 Kids30 Kids26 Kids27 Kids28 Kids29 Kids25 Kids24 Kids23 Kids22 Kids18 Kids19 Kids20 Kids21 Kids17 Kids16 Kids15 Kids14 Kids10 Kids11 Kids12 Kids13 Kids9 Kids8 Kids7 Kids6 Kids5 Kids4 Kids3 Kids2 Kids1 a little help from Mom Kids38 Kids39 Kids40 Kids41 Kids42 Kids43 Kids44 Kids45

Time for lunch and some demos

The cooks Lunch time Lunch time2 Watching demos Waiting in line Heli demo Demos Demo2


The end of a long day

the end1


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