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Bethesda Lutheran Communities at MAS


Flying the Friendly Skies

On June 18, 2015 a group of 10 Adults supported by Bethesda Lutheran Communities visited the Miniature Aero Sportsters (MAS) in Brighton Colorado for a day of learning about remote controlled airplanes and were given opportunities to fly the planes.

It was the first time Bethesda’s Castle Rock Day Program had visited the site and their first attempt at remote control aviation. George Kerr, MAS member, had invited the group to join him and other MAS members who delighted in sharing this sportster activity and in teaching others how remote control airplanes work.

Smiles, cheers, laughter and clapping were heard frequently throughout the morning and afternoon as the individuals were able sail their individual aircrafts high into the sky. Zach told the group he wanted to get a plane like this for his birthday. Jenny was intent upon her plane doing a loop-de-loop as it went by. Jordan just couldn’t get enough and wants to be sure to come back soon to fly all over again.

Bethesda Lutheran Communities provides services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Colorado, in a variety of residential and day service settings.. MAS provided a daytime outing of learning and fun all rolled into one. The MAS club also provided lunch and refreshments for the group.

New friendships were made and new skills were learned. It was a beautiful day of sharing and enjoying a time in the friendly skies over Colorado.

Bethesda Ministries supports more than 2000 people with developmental disabilities throughout the United States. To learn more about Bethesda visit us at or call 303-795-2061.

Serving the Northeast Denver Area the Miniature Aero Sportsters (MAS) flying site sits on 48 acres with a 500 foot paved runway. The club is open to all who have a current AMA membership. MAS consist of a group of individuals with a common interest in radio control aircraft. – See more at:

Susan A Hart, DCE

Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Ministry Consultant – Colorado



2015 Lamar Steen

Thanks to all the club members that helped out at the IMAC competition.  We had a good turnout both days of club members and the event flowed smoothly.  This club could not put on an event without you!




2015 Spring Cleanup Day

After having to delay our cleanup day for a week due to weather, we had a great turn out of members and really got a lot done.  We painted, re-covered 3 work tables, fixed picnic tables, sprayed weeds, fixed fences,  and cleaned the entry gate. WEW!

When the work was done, we celebrated with some Brats and Italian Sausages.

Thanks to all the members that came out to help.

Larry Ott

Kid’s Day

Kid’s Day 2014 was another huge success with over 100 kids getting a turn at lying an R/C Aircraft.  As he has done in past years, Gregory Pettis came out and took some very nice pictures of the event.  Here is a link to his website where you can view them.

Thanks Gregory.

Hangar Talk August 2013

Here’s a link to the August Hangar Talk with some historical information about the F4-U:

Hangar Talk August 2013

Here are some of the upcoming events described:

Happy Flying!