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Big Stik .40 maiden flight


Here’s a picture of my Great Planes Big Stik right before its first flight with a Magnum .52 engine and Airtronics radio.  I received the plane from my good friends at the Valley View Flyers a few years back and it’s been on the “Finish Building” list way too long.  Before dusk I was able to get in about 6 take-off and landings.  It’s a fast, stable flyer and lands like a dream with 25% Flaperons set.  The Magnum engine isn’t quite running at 100%, but it’s not running bad.  I need to check the spray bar, glo-plug, head temp, etc. and also make  sure  the 11×6 prop I’m using isn’t  causing problems.  I have a vibration issue which shook apart my on-off switch housing (wasn’t on real tight to begin with) and I suspect a unbalanced prop.  I’ll check it out tonight.  What a great day flying.  Tomorrow I hope to do more.

Kid’s Day Event, August 15

Date August 15th 2009
Time 10:00 am MDT

kday2009-1Kids & Youth 8 to 80 – Ready for some free summer time fun? Come and fly Radio Controlled Model Airplanes on August 15th  at 10:00 A.M.

Sponsored by us (Miniature Aero Sportsters).  The event will be at our club’s ‘Flying Field’ located northeast of DIA on 120th about 9 miles east of Tower Road. Click on ‘MAS info‘ on the right for location details.

Certified Flying Instructors will help you learn how to pilot these fun flying machines.  There will be food and refreshments so bring Dad… Heck, bring the whole family.

Click Here for the Kid’s Day 2009 Flyerkday2009-2

Getting Started in RC Flight

If you are interested in getting into to world of Remote Control Aircraft,  there are plenty of great ways to go about doing it.  One of the best ways is to come visit our Airfield! On any given weekend you’ll find MAS members willing and able to answer any questions you may have.

MAS allows visitors with the required AMA Membership to fly at the airfield up to 3 times before becoming a MAS member.  Please be sure to read all the safety guidelines at the site and use the radio impound as necessary.  For details on joining the club, go to the MAS Info link on the right.

Tower Hobbies has a great site suited just for you.  It’s packed full of advice and shows how you can start.  The site location is http://www.easyrc.com