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Hangar Talk August 2013

Here’s a link to the August Hangar Talk with some historical information about the F4-U:

Hangar Talk August 2013

Here are some of the upcoming events described:

Happy Flying!



New MAS Calendar

mas-logo-hqI installed a MAS Calendar page on the web site to easily track upcoming events. Members can add events after you log into the site.  You should be able to access the calendar from the “Events Calendar” option on the left hand portion of your dashboard.  Please let me know if you have any questions on using the Calendar.

Happy Flying!

New Beta Web Site Grand Opening

Welcome to the new Miniature Aero Sportsters web site!

This site was created by me, Sean Kennedy – a fresh new member of MAS, to hopefully provide a way for members and visitors to communicate.

The problem many club web sites have is content creation and maintenance.  If regular club members have to go through one or two people to get something done on a web site, the process usually breaks down and the content will eventually stale.

This site is designed specifically for member use, and has the facilities to allow any MAS member to add content to share with the world at any time.  This site is a “work in progress”, and the look and feel may change a bit in the coming weeks.

Lastly this site was built completely with open-source code that’s portable.  There’s no cost beyond the basic web hosting services, which I already had available.  The reason this is important is it wouldn’t take much to move this site elsewhere if needed, and there’s no club money that needs to be taken away from other important things like runway repair and maintenance in order to run this site.

So click around and experience the new site.  If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me at sean@www.miniatureaerosportsters.org.

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