Stuff for sale..

I’m selling out.  I will list things a few at a time that I have.


O.S. GT-33 gas engine, runs awesome!  Super quiet too! 3 flights on it.  $419 new, $250 for you.

Saito FG-61TS twin gas engine, 61cc’s NEVER RUN!  My loss! New is $1000.00,  $800 for you!


Mike Feitinger



More Shots from the Field….

Our new E-flite Cessna 150 Aerobat, 85″ span, 4-6S battery pack , so far we are getting four 6 minute flights on a 5000mAh battery leaving 30% !  It has SAFE AS3X gyro system in the receiver making it extremely stable.  Flaps make it super slow on landing.  And the light system makes it super realistic!

Here’s a video of Dylan landing at Dusk: