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Lamar Steen Commemorative IMAC Challenge 2017

On Sunday July 16th we concluded the 2017 version of the Lamar Steen Commemorative IMAC Challenge.  To quote an email from one of the long time

competing pilots, “It was the most fun I have had at a contest ever”  We ran only one flight line with 10 pilots competing in 5 classes.  Since there was only 1 flight line it was a pretty relaxed contest.  Still in the two days we had 60 competition flights and zero airplane mishaps, well one pilot did bounce a landing and break a prop.

I would like to thank all of the club members and former club member for the great job they did working and helping at the contest.

Thanks to:
Bob Salmon
Herb Verona
Ray Duffy
Bob Schultz
Rob Schultz
Bob Steinberg
Lee Overholt

and a special thank you to Hank Barron for cooking lunch both days and to Larry Ott for the very important job of score keeping.

Also special thanks to Terri Ott for supplying and making the awards!

I hope we have as much success with the Pattern contest in August.


Bethesda Lutheran Communities Visit to MAS June 13, 2017

On June 13 2017 Bethesda Lutheran Communities made their third annual visit to MAS flying field.  A great time was had by all!  I was a little preoccupied, so the only pictures I got were group photos at the end.  We hosted 11 Developmentally Disabled young adults and 4 staff members!

A HUGE thanks to members Bob Salmon, Bob Steinberg, Lee Overholt, and Earl Keffer for flying and helping the young adults and to Connie Kerr and Isabelle Kerr for serving lunch!! 

All the young adults and staff members from Bethesda had a fantastic time!  They all had smiles on their faces the whole time they were at the field!  That is what it is all about, those wonderful smiles!

Greg Hight RIP

June 17 Update:  Many planes have been sold.  List updated to show what is still available.

Former MAS member Greg Hight has passed away.  The family has donated his Model collection to the club.  Bob Salmon has possession of the collection and will be taking bids on all airplanes and equipment.  All proceeds go to the club.  Following is  the list of airplanes that Bob has for donation.

List of airplanes:

Tango w/Thunder Tiger Pro .46

Shrike 40 w/Magnum .52

Spirit w/Magnum .52

Strega w/Magnum .52

Twist 40 w/ Saito 1.15

Aero Shark w/Rossi .60

Wheels!, Flight Box and miscellaneous.

Contact Bob Salmon 303 286-9336