Big Stik .40 maiden flight


Here’s a picture of my Great Planes Big Stik right before its first flight with a Magnum .52 engine and Airtronics radio.  I received the plane from my good friends at the Valley View Flyers a few years back and it’s been on the “Finish Building” list way too long.  Before dusk I was able to get in about 6 take-off and landings.  It’s a fast, stable flyer and lands like a dream with 25% Flaperons set.  The Magnum engine isn’t quite running at 100%, but it’s not running bad.  I need to check the spray bar, glo-plug, head temp, etc. and also make  sure  the 11×6 prop I’m using isn’t  causing problems.  I have a vibration issue which shook apart my on-off switch housing (wasn’t on real tight to begin with) and I suspect a unbalanced prop.  I’ll check it out tonight.  What a great day flying.  Tomorrow I hope to do more.

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